Air Conditioners
Total comfort for every space

Portable air conditioners

Amazingly, our portable air conditioner is four appliances roll into one: heater, air conditioner, fan and dehumidifier. In whichever mode you are using, you can always count on ample cool air or warm air at your preferred temperature settings from its reverse cycle operation.

Window box air conditioners

With its reverse cycle capability, our window air conditioner does it cooling and heating effectively and efficiently. Every function of this doubly convenient unit can be easily activated on the LED control panel, including a 3-speed cooling/heating/fan mode, auto swing function, 24-hour timer and sleep mode.

Split systems

Our spilt systems air conditioner does more than just producing cool comfort. It also acts as a heater, 3-speed fan and humidifier to suit your required environment and ambient temperature. It also uses innovative evaporative technology with a choice of rated outputs for energy efficiency.