Video Projectors
Larger than life enjoyment

Versatile connectivity

The Devanti video projector features HDMI, USB, VGA, AV and 3.5mm audio ports for fast connection to multiple devices such as external speakers, game consoles and hard disks.

A remote control and bonus VGA cable and RCA audio cable are also included to provide hassle-free operation and set-up.

Totally cool

No more worries about overheating woes as the video projector is designed with an advanced cooling system that keeps it working in a cool environment.

As such, the well-ventilated projector is able to have a longer functioning lifespan with less instances of breakdowns. And that means less interrupted viewing.

Panoramic enjoyment

Comprising a high lumens lamp with a lifespan of 50,000 hours, the projector lets you enjoy panoramic entertainment from a relatively short projection distance.

And with its ultra-expansive colour gamut, the projector delivers crisp clear images with more brilliant colours and is fully HD 1080P compatible.

Effortless casting

From your small screen to the big screen, our video projector effortlessly supports screen cast from your smartphone, device and laptop effortlessly. In fact, you can adjust the screen size from 50 inches up to a massive 200 inches for larger-than-life images that make for massive entertainment.