Excellent performance

Bought it for the cars, excellent performance especially for the price and the tools are good. All round, very happy. Not sure about emptying, haven’t used it enough yet.

Awesome Vac

The suction on this Vacuum is awesome and carpet is cleaned quick and great for picking up animal hair. I had it for a year now and no problems.

Good cleaner

I’m very happy with the performance of this vacuum cleaner. Excellent suction leaves the floors very clean. My one gripe, and it’s not really a gripe, is that the machine falls onto its side very easily. Maybe I’m too rough. I recommend this vacuum cleaner.

Super convenient

I chose corded because no corded only seem to last for 20 minutes and although I live in a small unit it takes just a bit longer than that to clean. Its super convenient that all you have to do is change the nozzle and it goes from a vacuum to one of those little […]

Devanti corded stick vac.

Bought the stick vac to do small hard floor area. Works great. Light and easy to use. Love the two in one tool. Recommend for quick clean or small areas. Great for window and door crevices. No battery to charge. Just plug in and go. Love it.

Simple. No mess, no fuss

Having had a big name vacuum cleaner for many years, I thought I’d try out a generic brand because I didn’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars again. I am not disappointed at all! This vacuum cleaner is much lighter and does exactly the same thing as my old one. I like that is […]