Well worth it

Put it on the top of your list for choice of juicers, well worth considering. Great price, great product, as it says, easy use, easy clean, just give a good rinse and done. Used daily for juices, (celery, orange) good quantity of juice from fruits. I know this can depend on quality of fruit, but […]

Good little juicer – love it

I am enjoying this product. Pros: The blade-less design makes cleaning safer. Very easy to get nutritional juices along with meals. Cons: The pulp still has some juice left – which means, the juicer didn’t extract all the juice. The build quality is good but not excellent – the holder bends while juicing. The drain […]

Aboslutely brilliant

The ice machine is absolutely brilliant. I now have a permanent ice supply for my active working family, also allows us to have ice to take to sporting events, also just in our own bar. If you are an entertainer, then buy one of these

Great Little Unit

Been in the hospitality industry and had commercial ice machines, just needed one for the summer drinks. Fridge freezers are not quick enough, so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I purchased this. Cleaned it and turned it on 10 minutes later she’s off and running. Wife wouldn’t let me put it in the […]

Best benchtop machine I ever bought!

Best fried chicken I ever made. Just a spray of olive oil on the coating.

Excellent appliance.

This was a gift for my daughter & she says it is so easy to use & is very happy with it. The fryer is bigger than expected taking up a great deal of cupboard room but smart & well designed. With only the lightest spray of oil the chips are the best we’ve every […]