Portable Gas Ovens
Outdoor cooking made better

Cooking on the go

Why should you miss out on great home cooking while camping? With the Devanti portable oven, you can cook up fantastic and sumptuous meals just like from your home kitchen.

Simply hook up the unit to an LPG gas bottle and you’re good to go! So say goodbye to cold canned food and miserable camping rations forever. It’s gourmet dining under the sun, stars and moon.

No compromises on taste

The twin stove burners are great for frying, boiling and steaming while the oven has two racks to roast and bake all your favourite delights while out in the wild.

Imagine having a divine feast of steaks, bacon, fried eggs, pies and pasta and finished with great desserts freshly baked from the oven, served up in the hills with a stunning vista! That’s a wonderful life indeed.

Durable and lasting

With its corrosion-proof and longlasting stainless steel construction, the portable oven opens a host of cooking possibilities anywhere and anytime. It stands up to robust use and is able to handle the weather elements through every trip and outing with minimum hassle.

It really is a must-have companion for all your outdoor adventures and culinary pleasures.

Exceptional features

The portable oven has all the thoughtful and safety features that you’ll come to expect from a quality product. Insulated cloth sleeve design, push-in piezo burner ignition, flame-out protection, built-in oven heat gauge, non-stick enamel cooking surface, a three-sided windscreen provided by the folding lid and side arms and fully-adjustable heat-control dials to name just a few.